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Posted on October 13, 2010 at 7:56 AM

There are bass which can be found in many lakes on the island. Sometimes you can see them coming very shallow to grab some minnows but catching them is yet another story. Like any other foreign lakes, climate and conditions play a big role to hook a good-sized bass but unlike abroad, there are many lures that will be hopeless and won't invite even a single strike.


Plastic Baits.

Top of the class failure in luring a bass even near your hook. I've tried all types of plastic baits (worms, minnows, bugs...), with all colours and movements with different appearance. However, it seems that these baits are better at spooking the bass rather than invite them for a bite.


Bring them on but these are likely to be very deceptive in our lakes also. I have tried from simple spinner baits those with minnows and a host of other gimmicks intended to give the bass a call. But again, these hardly are successful. Furthermore, there are too much debris and branches in the water near the shore where you can cast and these often get the non-floating lures hooked and it almost always end up with a snag and loosing the lures. The heavier they are, the most likely you are to lose them.

Frog lures - Hard and soft plastic.

I know that bass are aggressive species but we must not feel that whatever garbage we may call and consider as bait and throw in the water will call for a strike. And the least when we take into consideration that we don't have any stocking population in our lakes and hence the population is not that abundant. What we have are the old wild bass and we have to cope with their caprices.  I have tried two types of frog lures but they are rather unsuccessful. Fed up, i even went as far as hooking a real frog and let it swim in front of a 2 pound bass but all the beast only did was watch my frog for a while and turn round to disappear in deeper waters.



 Poppers also work for bass but here the bass seems to like to hang in waters at least 2 feet and onwards below water. I only once had the chance to have a bass slashing out of the water to grab my popper. It was a nice one too but floating baits are recommended where you have a big chance of hooking your bait in rocks or submerged branches. Otherwise, it's best to opt for something that dive at least 2 feet below surface. Also, these work bess when the water is calm and glass-like. In moving waters, you tend to lose the 'pop' sound of the popper.



Live Minnows - Well this is a bait i have observed getting results. Even though am not that good at it, i have often stopped fishing and watch the old grandfathers catch bass up to two pounds with a mere bamboo pole with minnows hooked to it. No spinning rod and reels like myself. But getting by far a better catch. Moreover, i have observed that these guys have got a good knowledge about where the beasts may be. Forget the lilly pads and structures stuffs. Otherwise, we won't have any bass left. Bass like to swim, camouflage, wait, and swim to other spots for a better chance of getting a prey. Just like we have to keep walking and casting at different spots of the lakes.


Plastic minnows - Rappala style - Ah, now we are talking. These are by far the lures that have got me all my catches. I have a heavy collection of minnow/rappala styled lures (will make a page with the pictures in the near future) but as i came to learn at my own detriment, quantity does not make all the difference. Quality and appropriate colours are the key to catching black bass. I have also observed that like in the US and Canada, different colours work best at different time of the day, or depending on the colour of the water. However, my personal observation is that a lure with a red head is effective almost any time of the day and from clear to muddy waters. How far i am right, you will have to try it yourself to make an opinion.

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Reply Bass Master
7:07 AM on October 14, 2010 
Hard to believe that spinners and plastic worms are helpless but i think it depends on the habit of the bass out there.
Reply Vikram
1:02 PM on November 9, 2010 
This is too good,bass fishing is one of the most interesting & passionating passtime .It's a real pleasure when a bass has been caught by the end your fishing line,its just too exciting. I really miss those moments we spent and adventure by the reservoir looking for those bass..
Reply girish bijlall
3:45 PM on October 27, 2014 
Interesting tips man.. thanks. By the way, is there any specific lake where u would recommend me to go fishing? Hey what about reservoirs like nicoliere? Do you think we have bass in there?
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